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Quinn AME Vision

Our Vision


   For Evangelism

We envision Quinn a church that is committed to and actively engaged in the work of reaching the community of Moreno Valley and surrounding areas for christ.


   For Stewardship

We envision Quinn as a congregation whose members are committed to practicing scriptural principles of stewardship over all the resources given to us by God, including time, talent and treasure.


   For Worship

We envision Quinn as a church where members and guest alike, experience the power and presence of Almighty God, through participation in a dynamic and purposeful worship service which results in lives being changed, hurts being healed and hope being restored.


   For Building Family and Fellowship

We envision Quinn as a place where people matter, where believers are supported in their walk with Christ and where our demonstrated love for each other is a powerful witness to the Spirit of Christ that lives within us.


   For Christian Education and Discipleship

We envision Quinn as a place where the goal of teaching is to change lives, not merely to provide information: where difficult life issues are confronted, and where both individuals and their families are challenged and equipped to reach their maximum potential both as disciples of Christ, and as human beings.


   For Missions and Social Action

We envision Quinn as a congregation actively involved Positively impacting the social and economic needs and concerns that affect our community in general, and People of Color in particular. 

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