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Leadership  Training  Institute  ( 2017 L  T  I ) 

Reported by Andrea Stern, Pictures by Karen Coston, Marsha Myers, Elise Smith, Laurie Eason and Martha Jackson. 

Many Thanks to  Our Chaperones Mrs. Martha Jackson and Mrs. Tamara Thomas and all who made this trip possible.

LTI was SUPER FUN!  We arrived Friday night. As soon as we got there we went to the choir stand to begin the opening worship service. Because the 5th district was hosting LTI this year, we got to open and we got to close. Service was fun. Because it was filled with kids from age 4 to young adults about 30 we were dancing, singing and just worshiping with all the energy in our body.

Once the service was over we had our annual YPD business session where we were able to make decisions about what we wanted to do for the upcoming year and what we did in the past year. We got to see video reports of what all the other districts and our district did over the past year. When our district video was playing we stood up and at the end of the video we did our signature ----- .

That night we had a banquet where we got to dress up fancy and glamorous. There they awarded what the called the YPD MVPs of the year for each district. We honestly felt like stars that night because we got to dress up in fancy dresses and nice jewelry, We got to eat in a fancy restaurant setting where they served us our meal in order starting with the salad and then our dinner and after dinner they served us cheesecake.

After the banquet we went upstairs and got on our pajamas for the well awaited Pajama Jam. At the Pajama Jam there was a lip syncing battle in the beginning and everybody was cheering and singing the songs because they not only did gospel but old school jamz like Michael Jackson and also artist like Beyoncé. Four instance one of the groups came out in all Afros and dance an lip-synced to a Michael Jackson mix of all his most popular songs. And surprisingly after the lip-synching battle they played for us to dance to songs from our generation that were non-gospel, but allowed us to have fun and be ourselves without any strings attached for a night.

Saturday was a day of fun in the morning we ate breakfast with friends that we only get to see you when we come to these meetings. We finished our business which didn't take very long. Then we separated and went into  workshops designated for our age group. We went to the workshop for age 13 to 17. After the workshop we took a break before we began our next session and during that break we meet lots of new friends from our district and from other districts. After we were done with our leadership workshop and our bridging the gap workshop, we were able to tour around different committees at lunch and see if there was anything that we wanted to join.

After lunch we had competition games we and all 20 districts challenged each other, so it was the odd numbered districts against each other and then on the other side of the room it was the even numbered districts against each other. We played Games you would think were for little kids and would think were super simple, but because we were trying to win fast we kept losing! We did not participate in playing the games because it only required a small group of kids but we were inventing chants, songs and dances to cheer on our district. So those that weren't competing in the actual game  were in a competition ourselves with the other people in their district that were not playing. Our competition was to see who could cheer the loudest, invent the best chant, and sing the best songs for their team using the district number. These games went on for about 3 hours! And during this we meet new people and friends.

Sunday morning we went to opening service and they awarded the graduates of 2017 by district with sashes and certificates. During that service the 5th district did the praise and worship. Throughout all of this we had so much fun meeting people singing playing competition games and even dressing up and feeling like glamours stars for a night.

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L. T. I. THEME 2017

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